Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doug made me a craft table for our anniversary.  He made it totally out of scraps, and used no power tools to build it (so he had lots of nasty blisters afterward).  It's a lovely place to put my sewing machine, stamps, fabric, and other crafty things.  Since getting my sewing machine all set up on my new pretty table, I've made one pillow, and ordered lots of fabric to make more pillows. I also would like to try and make some pot holders and coasters soon, too.  Here is the pillow I made, and a nice look at my table. =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


For Easter Sunday, our entire family came over for a yummy brunch. It was the first time we've actually used the crystal we got for our wedding last year. Doug took this pretty picture of the dining room table in all its glory. Hopefully we'll have lots more family dinners with that funky pear tablecloth.

Hooray for Amy's blog!

So I'm starting my own blog.  Here it is.  Maybe I'll write about something exciting soon.